Hordható, elegáns műkörmök

Appointments, lateness, cancellation



You can book an appointment through the https://www.panninails.wredo.hu/ website.

You can also message me on facebook, but I cannot guarantee to answer your request straight away, so please keep this in mind!


Appointments booked through https://www.panninails.wredo.hu/ will be given priority so in case you try to book through facebook you might miss the appointment. Prior booking is necessary at all times, „walking in from the street” is not possible.


Appointments for the afternoon are getting booked rapidly, so if you need an appointment for the afternoon please book 2 weeks in advance.

For each session a timeframe is calculated in advance, taking the state of the nails - on the hands or toes – into consideration, so please indicate the type of service that you would like to receive.

Working hours from Monday to Friday : 10:00-20:00

Saturday to Sunday : Closed

(Working hours may change - so please always check the online booking)




Cancellation of appointments are free of charge in case it was indicated 48 hours in advance, or if something unavoidable, unpredictable is involved (sickness for example).

Obviously there are emergency situations and unpredictable cases, which are not regular and those will be taken into consideration, but other than these I can’t make any exceptions with anyone.

In case a client is regularly - 3 times in a row - cancelling the appointment, service charges in full amount will have to be paid in order to book a new appointment.

In case you’re late 15 minutes and you notified me beforehand and if there’s another client coming after your appointment the service can be partly modified (for example : no nail decoration, or if you wanted french nail then it will be modified to one colour etc.) This won’t happen necessarily, but you will need to take it into consideration.

In case you’re late more than 30 minutes and you notified me beforehand the service could be cancelled from my side. (Except if there is no client coming after your appointment and it is still within working hours.)

In case a client does not turn up without cancellation or without giving notice (!) or if a client regularly cancels appointments I am not willing to book further appointments unless an availability fee had been paid which is equivalent to the charge of the cancelled service(s). The payment can be made to the following account: OTP Bank, Kalinkáné Győrössy Anna 11773384-03931385.

When making the payment please state your name and adress as a reference so I can post your invoice. I am not willing to book further appointments until I have received the full amount.


If someone does not turn up without cancellation or without giving notice is not only unethical towards me but towards the clients who missed the earlier appointments because of them. On top of this as I receive my salary from my clients, if one of them doesn’t show up then I lose my income at that time. If this only happens a few times a month it is the equivalent of someone losing tens of thousands of forints from their salary at the end of the month. This is more than unpleasent and that is why I had to implement the rules above.


Inquiries during the session

- As the most important factor is higine, I would like to ask you to wash your hands thoroughly with the antibacterieal sanitizer provided.

- Even though it seems irrelevant please do not touch your skin, clothes or your hair because your nails need to be in a clean, dry and matte state in order to be long lasting. If this fails to happen we will need to restart the preparation of the nails which can make the natural nails even more thin.


Telephones: It is an essential device in our modern world, but you will need to avoid using it during the session. If you’re playing or texting with your free hand not paying attention that you might move or take your other hand out from the lamp too soon etc. - that will make it harder to be precise and accurate. There are materials that are ruined if they’re removed from the UV while it’s hardening. Also if you’re on your phone I won’t be able to communicate with you regarding the colour of your nails or when I need to work on your other hand or I if I need to ask you to put your hand in the lamp etc. So please do not use your phone!

You could leave it on the table in front of you in case there’s an important call, otherwise please try to avoid using it!


Children, babies in the salon

Unfortunately you can’t have your child in your lap while I’m working on your nails or toenails. It is advised that you may ask a family member or friend to accompany you to look after the the child.

Please take it into consideration that if you’re baby is crying you won’t be able to rock or take them out of the baby carriage.



Please try to pay with small notes if you can.

There aren’t as many customers in a nail salon as in a food store. If there are one or two customers who pay with large notes I’ll run out of change.

These are my respectful requests in a nutshell. :)

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding. It really helps with my workflow and to keep each client happy and relaxed.

By booking your appointment you agree to accept the rules stated above.

The service provider may, in its sole discretion, modify or revise these rules at any time.


           Győrössy Anna

(Manicure - Pedicure Specialist)


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